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Who Am I

I am a multidisciplinary designer with experience in Instructional Design, Multimedia, Graphic and Web Design.

My career started as a Senior Post Production Editor in the Washington, D.C. area. I worked for post houses,like Henninger Media and major television networks including Discovery Channel, WTTG Fox 5 and WJLA to name a few. Working with these entities has brought my love of storytelling and the creative technical ability create content across a wide variety of platforms.


My process is to establish the goals of the client or project and gather the nescarry tools to complete the tasks. From working with subject matter experts from around the world to small businesses, there is no job too small I cannot tackle.


My process is to understand and gather what will make the project work. From cultural sensitivites, to assembling images, typography, and motion graphics to create a design.


From video production and editing to web design, UX/UI design and instructional design each build is a new challenge to overcome obstacles and learn along the way.


When it comes to launching a project I use the ADDIE methodology and when appropriate, I utilize the SAM method. Not all projects I have worked on have been strictly one or the other. I find the best methid for the project and use them both to adapt them to suit my content and process.


I work with the latest tools and technologies to create web-based and instructor led training.

My experience in Digital Media, Web and Graphic Design has built a career in this exciting and rapidly growing industry. My key responsibilities includes the design, development and implementation of all media for broadcast, print and the web.

Web Producer

As a web producer I have engaged in the production audio and video content that are used in commercials, movies, online or in other realms.

Graphic Design

My graphic design esxperience has allowed me to learn and grom each time I am tasked with a project. There is always room to grow and master.

Web Design

Web design was my way to transfer my love of multimedia and have a platform to show my work. It led me to obtain my Bachelor's Degree and I alwways try and learn new ideas and peripherals.

Multimedia Design

My talent is the ability to use various forms of media development to add that extra level of appeal to the viewers and to engage them to dig deeper.

UI/UX Design

We use UI/UX everyday and my goal is to create the most clear and consise design that not only is a user interface, but a way to guide the user through the application.

Mobile Development

I enjoy working with a team of talented developers to create dynamic mobile applications that can be used across platforms.

Featured Works

These are some of my design projects and I am so excited to show them to you.

Table Flag

Graphic Design

Project Link

High end residential property advertisement.



Project Link

Flyer design for a lecture series and consultant.

Fashion Photography


Project Link

Photography for a fashion magazine in Washington, D.C.. Circa, 1980.

Image Manipulation

Graphic Design

Project Link

Football fan art.

Native American Foods, Health & Wellness Training

Instructional Design

Project Link

Training course to learn about native foods and diabetes prevention.

Full Sail

UX/UI Design

Project Link

Self project to design a mobile application for Full Sail University Students to access course materials.

Street Advertising


Project Link

Self project to create signage to promote Arizona destinations.

For my complete portfolio click here


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Over three graphic design projects Jennifer Thompson has provided stellar service and a splendid final project. My most recent experience is based upon the design of a tri-fold brochure for a unique offering to conference organizers. With a rough sketch provided by myself that included text and a brief conversation on the goals Jennifer provided two possible designs- both excellent design concepts. With the chosen designs we worked together on revisions refining the design with updates to text placement, wording and sizing. She consistently responded to changes requests in a timely and professional manner.

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Brilliant video editor! Brilliant graphic designer! I am pleased that I have had so many opportunities to work with Jennifer! More in the future, I'm sure!

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Jennifer was contracted with us for a period of 3 months for Graphic sign work. Not only did she grasp what the client was looking for in a very fast manner, but she completed her work early more often than not. She is very personable and a professional who wants as many details as possible in order to deliver the right product. Her creativity and desire to meet customer expectations make her the ideal graphic designer!

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